2017 Pinellas County Commercial Recycling Awareness Survey
This recycling survey is being conducted on behalf of Pinellas County Government.
We are not selling anything.  Your opinion counts!  

Please have the person in your business who is most familiar with your company's recycling and waste reduction practices complete this short survey.
It will take about 5 minutes.  

If you would like to contact the County about this survey or getting started recycling, the phone number to dial is (727) 464-7500.  We will provide this number again at the end of this survey.  
  Is your business located in the unincorporated part of Pinellas County (outside of the city limits)?
  In what city are you located?
  From your experience, would you agree that a business recycling program could benefit your operations?
  Does your company use any SCHEDULED recycling collection services?
  For what items? (Please Mark all that apply.)
  Does your company use ON CALL recycling collection services?
  For what items? (Please Mark all that apply.)
  Does your company use recycling drop-off centers?
  For what items?  (Please Mark all that apply.)
  Regarding your company's waste reduction/recycling efforts:
    Yes   No   Don't Know   N/A  
  a.  Have they resulted in lower disposal costs?        
  b.  Does your company promote waste reduction/recycling to your customers?        
  Has your business encountered any of the following obstacles to starting or maintaining a recycling program? (Please mark all that apply.)
  Have you heard of Pinellas County's "Cutting Waste at Work" program?
  Where did you see or hear about Pinellas County's "Cutting Waste at Work" program? (Please mark all that apply.)
  Has your business used any of the following resources or services from Pinellas County? (Please mark all that apply.)
  What would motivate your business to reduce waste or recycle?  (Please mark all that apply.)
  Are you interested in learning more about any of the County's free services regarding recycling, such as the Cutting Waste at Work program?
  Would your business like to be contacted for evaluation and potential recognition of its recycling efforts?
  (Name, Business Name, and Telephone Number):
Finally, just a few classification questions:
  And how many people does your business employ?
Thank you very much for your time and cooperation!

At the beginning of the survey, we said the telephone number would be provided at the end for more information about this survey or recycling.
If you would like more information, please call (727) 464-7500 or email recycle@pinellascounty.org.
Please click the "SUBMIT" below to send this survey to us and thank you again for your participation.